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Magnalink 8000

Optimizing and securing the service edge

The Magnalink 8000 is a high-performance, multipurpose service edge optimization appliance that utilizes high density gigabit Ethernet wire speed encryption to offer a combination of WAN optimization, encryption and SAN extension in a single device. It enables both enterprises and service providers to achieve their networking requirements by providing simple, high performing, secure and optimized connectivity between users and their applications.

Magnalink 8000 hardware-based processing engine enables extremely high performance, targeting network connectivity rates from 45Mbps up to 6Gbps with extremely low latency or jitter. As a result, the Magalink 8000 is ideally suited for applications that are easily impacted by both latency and jitter. This hardware-based architecture offers:
  • Compression efficiencies of up to 10:1 or higher at full GigE rates over 70Mbps network link, and complete transparency to upper layer protocols enables all network applications to be accelerated and greatly reduces the required wide area network capacity.

  • Gigabit rate bulk encryption with no performance penalties.

  • Forward Error Correction capability improves network packet-loss performance by 77% to achieve less data loss, higher throughput and predictable performance.

  • Multiprotocol capabilities combine LAN, SAN, and encryption appliances into a single device.

  • Synchronous and asynchronous replication strategies over extended distances to enable disaster recovery solutions.

  • Jumbo frame support without impacting performance and without adopting special workarounds to either the application or the network.

With advanced Ethernet and IP transport optimization capabilities, the Magnalink 8000 can effectively tunnel any protocol over an IP network with built-in packet error correction to significantly improve TCP/IP performance by reducing re-transmissions due to packet loss.

Offered at 2 to 3 times less than similar WAN optimizers, the Magnalink 8000 can achieve a 30% lease line cost reduction over 5 years by eliminating the need to lease new WAN lines or upgrade to higher speed network services. It improves application performance and networking with low latency to ensure secure and lossless protection for all traffic.

A fully configured Magnalink 8000 supports up to 12 client ports which are aggregated over 1 to 6 optimized wide area network links. A flexible range of wide area connectivity options offering Ethernet and IP connections over 10/100/1000 (both copper & fiber), DS3/E3 PDH and CWDM physical interfaces are offered in a compact 2RU form factor.

Network Management & SLA Reporting
The Magnalink System Manager (MSM) is a JAVA based network management application which provides visibility and control of an entire network of devices from a single site. Each Magnalink 8000 collects an extensive range of SLA and performance monitoring statistics. In addition to gathering statistics, the system continuously monitors end to end latency and detects out of sequence or lost packets allowing for thorough analysis of the wide area network’s performance.

  • Wire-speed data compression at Gigabit rates

  • Hardware-based AES-256 data encryption to protect critical data

  • Application and protocol agnostic for east of deployment and management

  • Forward Error Correction to detect and restore network errors and dropped packets to improve network response times

  • Wirespeed jumbo frame segmentation and re-assembly

  • Integrated network management
    • Performance management and monitoring
    • Utilization tracking
    • Network-wide faults and alarms

  • Metro Ethernet ,IP/MPLS, DWDM