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T5C-24T    EOL 

Ultra-Compact High-Density 10/100 Ethernet Routing Switch

The T5C 10/100 Ethernet Routing Switch provides high performance in a super-compact, super-efficient size. The T5C's small size, only 1RU in height, combines the capacity of physically larger backbone switches with the economy of workgroup switches.

Very high port density means that a single T5C Routing Switch can support 2 Gigabit Ethernet 10/100 ports, 2 Gigabit Ethernet plug-in (SFP) ports, and 24 or 48 auto-sensing 10/100BaseTX ports.

The T5C Routing Switch is the optimal platform for many applications, from the Metro access arena to the Metro edge and enterprise boundaries. Data centers, server farms, wiring closets and other application users can benefit from Its uncompromised standards-compatibility that delivers flawless interoperability, its modular support of various interfaces that guarantees easy upgradeability and scalability, and its feature-rich routing capabilities that make the T5C a versatile, effective platform for any IPbased service.