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Metrobility R732/2731

100M LPR Interface

Patented* redundant interface provides redundant data paths for the Metrobility® Line Protection and Restoration (LPR) devices from Telco Systems. An essential connectivity tool for high priority and mission-critical applications, LPR provides fully redundant data paths, as well as power supply redundancy, for Ethernet devices. If the primary connection fails due to a cable or hardware failure, the LPR interface switches the device’s traffic to the secondary connections within 200 microseconds.

Ensuring High Availability

LPR technology ensures a quick recovery from a physical layer failure. converges quickly to minimize packet loss. The low packet frame loss is a maximum loss of 1-2 packets (measured with minimum packet size and minimum inter-packet gap) during a failover transmission.

This physical layer solution is able to isolate failures with a faster recovery time and is simpler to implement when compared to using Spanning Tree protocol

The LPR devices have two operational modes to preserve network availability: Dynamic Recovery Mode or Network Select Mode.

Automatic traffic re-routing
When configured in Dynamic Recovery Mode, link failure is automatically detected and traffic is immediately rerouted to a secondary path or switch. This instantaneous path restoration is ideal for critical areas that require a high degree of fault tolerance.

Optional manual traffic re-routing

Network Select Mode enables the administrator to manually redirect traffic to a secondary data path, in order to perform maintenance on the first path, for example.
Both options ensure that network downtime does not affect users. Innovative Traffic Monitoring for Re-Routing SONAR (Switch on No Activity Received), available on select models, offers an even higher level of protection. By sensing not only link but also the loss of data traffic, the Metrobility SONAR-enabled LPR devices ensure reliability in the event of an upstream switch failure.

Exceptional SNMP Management
Network administrators can also maximize network uptime through proactive management. NetBeacon® ESP element management system provides end-to-end visibility of all Metrobility chassis-based network components and the ability to initiate active control through sophisticated SNMPbased management tools.

Connectivity Options
These LPR solutions support 100Mbps and 1000Mbps networks. Extended distances up to 100km may be achieved through 1550nm singlemode fiber connections.

User-configurable Gigabit Ethernet Optics
The Gigabit Ethernet LPR line card utilizes pluggable optics which may be easily replaced as network requirements change. Choose from small form factor (SFP) multimode or singlemode options.
Installation Guides
R732-XX - 100Mbps Line Protection and Restoration Interface Installation/User Guide
Download PDF (1.61 MB) • updated: 2008-03-18
User Guides
R732-XX - 100Mbps Line Protection and Restoration Interface Installation/User Guide
Download PDF (1.61 MB) • updated: 2008-03-18